How'd Boobees Get Started?

We like to surf! But, we realized that we didn’t have access to products marketed towards us – women (who also happen to be badasses)! We figured we should probably fix that.




The Future of BooBees

To our loyal and supportive customers, we’d just like to say “thank you!”. We pinky-promise – not only will we persist in our creation of fantastic products and unbeatable content, but we will uphold our original values by giving back to our communities and our planet!





OK.. what's with the name?

Hey, giggle all you want! We like to laugh too. But when we’re not laughing, we’re talking. We’re talking about women, and about bees, and about the ocean; the name “BooBees” was created with the specific intention of starting a conversation. Our name is polarizing – it makes you think twice about, well – what we’re about. Not about the BooBees themselves, but what’s above them.