Our Mission

"To create sustainably-based and environmentally-sound surf products for empowered, inspired women and their supporters"



Here at BooBees, we believe in protecting our planet. Our products are made with only natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients. We use beeswax as the base for our surf wax, which has been engineered without a trace of petroleum or bleach. When you buy with BooBees, you can rest assured that your purchase protects the planet.  A percent of our proceeds will go towards Bee Conservation!

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In 2018, the United States reported a striking 20% wage discrepancy between men and women. At BooBees, we believe the value of talent and hard work; we believe in equality. It is our mission to close the gap, to endorse female surfers, and create an awareness of inequality. Our goal is to call men in rather than call them out so we can evolve the surfing industry together


Since the rise of the surf industry has spiked all over the world, we believe surfers should have access to sustainably created products wherever they may live. Our intention is to enable small communities effected by surf tourism to produce locally. Our product can be manufactured anywhere in the world, using minimal technology and small manufacturing facilities.

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